Renewal (Retirement) Planning

Most people don’t fail to plan when it comes to retirement.  There is no need to approach your retirement with worry - we have developed a range of proven solutions that will assist you to plan for a successful retirement – complete with all the things you know you deserve.

Our Solution

We have an individual support program that is based upon our award winning Renewal (Retirement) Planning Workbook that provides a holistic and comprehensive retirement planning package that will assist you to:

  1. Explore a wide range of issues that impact upon your career-life including health, finance, wellbeing, relationships, leisure, lifestyle and self-concept.
  2. Identify your post-retirement work options
  3. Identify your transferable skills
  4. Develop confidence and motivation
  5. Learn how to talk confidently about your skills
  6. Develop a career portfolio and employability profile
  7. Develop a CV that sells your achievements and skills
  8. Consider work opportunities you may not have considered
  9. Develop a job action plan that will assist you to tap into every employment opportunity and resource available to you
  10. Increase your network and access to the hidden job market

The outcome of this process is a comprehensive Statement of Advice which provides a road map to assist you to achieve your post-retirement goals.

Our Commitment

Our goal is to provide you with the best career development solution for the most efficient price. 
We guarantee our services – you can be assured of achieving your objectives when you book a program with Careers Fast Track.

No Obligation

Use the following link to register your interest in discussing your Career Transition needs with us. Based upon a free confidential and no-obligation telephone discussion, we will provide you with an initial proposal to meet your requirements. We welcome your enquiry.

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