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Imagine what you could achieve if you had the focus of Don Meij, the passion of Janine Allis and the drive of Jim Penman.

Who are these people, I hear you ask?

Each of them form a select group of Australians who are the silent hero’s of our corporate world; providing services and employment for the masses and yet they are largely unknown at street level.

Don Meij, for example, established the well known fast food chain Domino’s Pizza; Janine Allis created Boost Juice and Jim – well he’ll send someone round to mow your lawn, clean your gutters and any other odd job you might have.

What is behind the success of these individuals and what sets them apart from the many ordinary Australians who have a great idea, but never take it anywhere?

The difference comes down to just three elements.

They have a clear strategy; they understand how to structure the resources at their disposal; and they are able to self-manage behaviour.

I will explain these in a minute, but first, why are they important? The fact is that every one of us is in the business of developing ideas. Whether you are employed, unemployed, under-employed, thinking about going back to school or wanting to develop a business idea – everyone is working to bring an inspiration to life.

From this point of view, each one of us is the CEO of making our “inspiration” a reality. So whether you like it or not, the person you should blame if things aren’t turning out the way you planned is the person at the top – YOU!

Of course, you may already have the privilege of leading an organisation, large or small, to realise its corporate mission.

The fact is that whatever your circumstance, your ability to deliver on your inspiration will be the measure of your corporate success and career-life fulfillment.

Now you can determine if you have those magic qualities that bring inspiration to life.

The following quiz encompasses some of the essential skills of a Chief Executive Officer.

Thinking about your current work related performance; rate your expertise on each of the following.

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