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How long have you been coping with the stress of feeling unfulfilled in your career?

How much longer are you going to tolerate these negative emotions before you take action?

Hey, its time to acknowledge: “wishing” for things to change just doesn’t work!

To get different results you’ve got to DO things differently. When it comes to promotion, whether you’re looking within or outside your current organisation there are two broad perspectives that count.

Firstly, your own perspective about what you’re worth and the value of your contribution to the organisation is more important than you may think.

At work, as in life, if we are not confident about our own performance it is hard to expect other people to be.

Secondly, the perspectives of the person/s responsible for your promotion are critical.

The good part is that if we’re smart we have time to shape these perspectives.

No, this doesn’t mean you “suck up” to the boss. This means that you use your “Career Intelligence” to build relationships and collegial recognition for your career success.

OECD research has shown that 55% of your earning capacity over your life-time will be driven by your ability to manage your career (Watts: 2003).

It simply makes financial sense to develop your Career Intelligence.

So are you prepared and ready for that promotion? Use the following quiz to assess your readiness for promotion and read on for some advice.

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