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Let’s face it; when thinking about career success we all want something.

A better job, more money, more status, more travel, a company car and the list goes on.

But when you think about it, everything we want: money, possessions, power, success are only pursued because we expect that once attained we will feel better or happier.

So from this perspective, it follows that success is ultimately about being happy not about having the most things.

But aren’t people who have the most things happiest?

No – it seems not.

You can be happy or unhappy regardless of whether you are really wealthy or poor, very healthy or sick, highly educated or illiterate.

From a human performance perspective, happiness is derived from the conversation you have with yourself about how closely you are to fulfilling your needs.

Research into the psychology of happiness shows that happier people tend to:

1. focus less on “feel-good” happiness (nice car, new clothes, increased pay packet etc.);

2. focus more on “values-based” happiness (achieving results which are aligned with personal values – such as good grades, exceptional performance at work etc.); and

3. truly appreciate what they have much more than yearning for what they don’t have.

So the key to increasing your happiness lies in your ability to have more control over the above three areas of your life.

The following quiz is designed to assist you to identify the specific areas of your career-life that you may want to focus upon to increase your happiness or achieve ultimate career-life success!

Thinking about your current career-life position and rate yourself on each of the following.

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