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Whether you are continuing to further study from secondary school or returning to study as an adult learner, you can be experiencing emotions ranging from intense excitement to extreme self-doubt as you contemplate the challenges before you.

Rest assured, whatever you are feeling, these emotions are a normal response to change and with preparation, planning and persistence you can set yourself up for success!

The following quiz is designed to help you to identify the areas you need to work upon to improve your chances of success in further education.

Divided into the three broad areas, the following questions will assist you to consider some of the key issues that can form the foundation for successful further study.

1. Career Path Selection: exploring and clarifying career path options before starting further study can save the time and cost associated with leaving a course later on.

Remember, 33% of 1st year university students drop out and 18% of students who start a TAFE course drop out – careful planning now can avoid this heartache.

1 = Untrue     3 = Sometimes True     5 = Always True

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