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So you’ve received your ENTER and you haven’t done as well as you’d hoped for.  Now what?

The panic that you may feel welling up inside your body is natural.  Feel it - but don’t let it master you.

Faced with disappointing news, many of us go through a specific sequence of emotions.  For instance, you may be experiencing a level of anxiety and stress which just seems to get worse and worse until, eventually, you hit rock bottom.  At this point, your self-talk may make it seem like the whole world is against you and nothing will ever go your way again.

However, over time you will slowly adjust your perspective until you start to gradually climb up from the depths of despair and look for more positive ways to deal with your predicament.

This cycle of emotion may occur each time life throws up an outcome you weren’t expecting.  The length of time that it takes to go through this cycle will vary for each of us – however, you will learn that the moment you start to take positive action to deal with your circumstances the sooner you will start to feel better.

Developing a psychology for success means that you only make a mistake when you don’t learn from it!  Learning to deal with disappointment can be an important skill as life can throw many sudden changes your way.

The key is to understand that just because things didn’t go your way this time it doesn’t have to have any bearing upon your ability to achieve future success – whatever that is for you.   

The following quiz has been written to help you to sort through some of the major issues you may be experiencing at this time and to identify the appropriate pathway for action.  Please make an appointment to see a CFT consultant for more information.

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