"Nigel is an expert in the application of career development - outstanding.  The stories and examples really helped embed the learning - this workshop is excellent value." Meryl Davies FVHS NSW

"LOVED IT!!! The second time around was even better than the first!  Nigel is an unreal story teller and very engaging and supportive.  Absolutely can't wait to use everything in this workshop - Thankyou!!! Kate Murray Defining Careers NSW

"Amazing - so useful - not just for work but for life as well!  The trainer is incredibly knowledgeable.  The workbook was very helpful and this workshop takes the latest theory and shows how to apply it in practice.  Excellent!" Michael Turner Mitchell High School NSW

"Fantastic accelerated learning workshop - the trainer is extremely engaging!  The visual examples were fantastic and really helped me learn and put the theory into practical use!"  Sarah Tonkin Hays Recruitment NSW

"A very detailed program that still allowed for student participation - this was mainly due to the skill of the trainer.  Excellent value for teaching, career counselling and school practice."  Travis Desborough Careers

"Excellent value all round - the stories, the trainers experience, the repetition and review, the tools and methodologies, how the program connects to other subjects and the career management system - an outstanding learning experience."  Jo Gleeson Director HRM"This program is - thorough, intensive and interesting.  The trainer is excellent, encouraging and motivating.  The tools, techniques and value this workshop offers is outstanding.  Highly recommended."  Linda Reardon Careers

"A hugely helpful and interesting program of immense value to the career coaching practice."  Rachel Renwick NSW

"The tools and systems you learn in this program are excellent - an outstanding learning experience."  M Johnston Careers Practitioner

"This workshop adds outstanding value to your counselling practice.  The stories and real life examples, the broad variety of tools, methodologies and systems are outstanding and the practical exercises help you embed the learning.  Absolutely excellent learning - thank you!  Cath Sullivan Career Adviser NSW

"The information in this workshop is great - l loved the dynamic learning - this workshop is excellent value!" Veronique Pasquier YogaCare NSW

"Excellent - the dynamic trainers style, learning more about myself, all the examples and stories to complement the theory - this workshop is excellent learning!" Mary Nehmy TAFE SA

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