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Training & Development Workshops

Changing policy is easy compared with changing the behaviours of your workforce. This is why an investment in the right training intervention is critical to organisational growth. So how can Small to Medium sized businesses compete when budgets are limited?

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Performance Management

A well designed performance management system is the single best tool to align the career aspirations and development needs of the workforce with the goals of the organisation. Research shows that there are some very sound business reasons to get the performance management system right.

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Career Development

Our career development and coaching expertise extends from assisting your graduate recruits to your senior executives. Aligning the career development aspirations of the workforce with the goals of the organisation is critical for business success. The critical factor is that most people do not have a career plan in place that specifies their career path and development needs over the short, medium or longer term. Without clear career goals there is a high risk of sub-optimal performance, little organisational commitment, low job satisfaction, a negative organisational culture and higher staff turnover.

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Performance Coaching

Our performance coaching programs are for organisations that want to provide their employee/s with that extra support to realise their performance potential. Many managers tolerate lack-lustre performance because they value the employee in other work related areas. Our performance coaching program is a cost-efficient solution that provides a best practice approach to optimising employee engagement and productivity.

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The separation of personnel at any level of the organisation can pose a particular challenge for all employers. There are a complexity of factors that need to be considered from who should go, who should be retained and how to deal most effectively with the process. We have a suite of services to assist organisations to provide a best practice approach to managing the outplacement process.

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Renewal Planning

Demographic change means that the median age of the workforce in all organisations is rising. Such change will require a proactive and innovative response from organisational leaders to ensure labour force needs are met in the short to medium term. We have developed a range of solutions to assist organisations better manage this demographic shift and improve the flexibility and productivity of the workforce.

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