Career Development

Our career development and coaching expertise extends from assisting your graduate recruits to your senior executives. Aligning the career development aspirations of the workforce with the goals of the organisation is critical for business success. The critical factor is that most people do not have a career plan in place that specifies their career path and development needs over the short, medium or longer term. Without clear career goals there is a high risk of sub-optimal performance, little organisational commitment, low job satisfaction, a negative organisational culture and higher staff turnover.

Our expertise is working with groups or with individuals to:

  1. Increase the job satisfaction and role commitment of individuals;
  2. Align the career aspirations of individuals with career opportunities within the organisation;
  3. Assist individuals make improved career choices with performance is sub-optimal;
  4. Assist individuals dramatically improve performance aligned with their career goals;
  5. Assist individuals to link their career goals with internal training and performance management systems;
  6. Assist managers and supervisors to better understand the development needs of their workforce and how to better lead employee growth.


Our Approach

We have a 5 step approach to providing efficient career development solutions:

  1. We begin by gaining a complete understanding of your requirements
  2. We scope and cost the proposed solution (with clear performance measures)
  3. We validate the intended outcomes (our quote doesn’t change)
  4. We deliver the project and conduct training and/or individual coaching
  5. We evaluate each outcome as identified, make recommendations and provide support as required


Our Commitment

Our goal is to provide you with the best career development solution for the most efficient price.  We establish a relationship with our clients so that we understand their business and the drivers of their success. This way you can call on us anytime when the need arises without the need for time consuming and costly proposals and tenders. Our approach will deliver:

  • Measureable productivity improvements
  • Value added outcomes
  • The most efficient solution


No Obligation

Let us show you what Careers Fast Track can do for your business. Schedule a quick 15 minute no obligation phone call to learn more.

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